In Bulgarian vampire lore there is a type of vampire hunter known as a djadadjii, who specializes in the destruction of a specific type of vampire called a KRVOIJAC. The djadadjii is an expert in the BOTTLING technique used to capture and destroy vampires. First he takes a bottle and baits it with blood. Next he carries it with him as he seeks out the vampire's hiding place. As he searches, he uses the image of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, a saint, or a holy relic to flush the vampire out of its hiding place. When the icon starts to shake of its own accord in his hand, the vampire is near. The djadadjii will use his religious icon to herd the vampire into the bottle (see BOTTLING) and then quickly cork it and throw it in a blazing fire. The explosion of the bottle will be powerful enough to destroy the vampire within. If for some reason the djadadjii is unable to herd the vampire into the bottle, the creature will retreat into its corpse. Now the djadadjii must unearth the corpse, pierce its heart with thorns, and burn the remains in a fire fueled with HAWTHORN branches.
Source: Georgieva, Bulgarian Mythology, 98; Gregory, Vampire Watcher's Handbook, 113; Ronay, The Dracula Myth

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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